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Familiar Face Returns To Chicago

All season the Bears have been trying to bolster their special teams.  They have picked up players off of other team's practice squads, thay have benched backups to make room for more ST players and now they are signing a guy who just left us.

The Bears have agreed to a one-year deal, but it is considered a one game contract with Cameron Worrell.

''I made my wife videotape Christmas, and I'm looking forward to watching it,'' Worrell said. ''It wasn't an easy decision, and I wasn't really pursuing anything. With the Bears, I'm familiar with the system, and I know what is expected. I've been through playoff games here, and I know what is at stake.''

The Bears have a number of injuries to their special teams with Hunter Hillenmeyer, Kevin Jones, Garrett Wolfe and Marcus Hamilton out.  Also with Mike Brown out Craig Steltz will be pulled from special teams to play safety.