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Season Over!, Bears Fall 31-24

Pull the tarp on the field and clear out the lockerroom.  The Bears season ended on a lame duck onside kick and an offsides penatly on our megamillionaire defensive tackle.

Things almost lined up great for the Bears with the Vikings looking to lose.  They didn't after a last second field goal, but the Bears season would still have been alive as the improbable happened when the Oakland Raiders beat the Tampa Bay Bucanneers.

It seemed watching this game and listening to the reports of the Bears checking their Blackberries and asking sideline reporters and looking for the scores across the on field score board that they were more interested in the Minnesota game then they were in their own.

If Dallas falls to Philly this one is really going to sting.

It took Houston a quarter to realize what the rest of the leage already knew.  The Bears cannot stop anybody in the  pass game.  They cannot stop wide receivers, they cannot stop tight ends, they cannot stop tackle eligibles and they cannot stop quarterbacks in  a wildcat formation.  The Bears could not stop the Texans pass game and as soon as they overplayed the pass, the Houston run game tore us up.

Now that all we have to look forward to is Free Agency and the Draft the Bears have a lot of work to do on both sides of the ball.  They have major questions at a lot of positions.

We will look more on this game and the aftermath later as I'm sure a lot of people will have a lot to say about it.

What about you?