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Vikings Playoff Chances Takes Another Hit

Look, I am of the thought that injuries aren't an excuse.  They are a reason, but not something you can hang a season on.  I also don't wish bad on anybody, but I'm not sure if I out feel bad for the Vikings (Maybe becase the Vikes blogger is a good guy) or just take what is given and run.

As you know the Vikings recently lost Pat and Kevin  Williams to suspension due to a positive test for illegal substances.  They are already having to promote two backups, Fred Evans and Ellis Wynn to replace them.  Now they lose more depth as defensive end Brian Robinson is now lost for several weeks after undergoing arthroscopic surgery on his right knee.

I'll let the Vikings players say it best:

"That's a nightmare," he said. "You don't like to have nightmares. --Darren Sharper