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What do you want to see this offseason?

As I did toward the end of last summer, I will be writing front-page posts on a variety of topics. Pre-draft, I can write for days on prospects. The problem is 1) that I can find hundreds of topics to write about and 2) once the draft is over, we'll need something to fill the void. I don't want to do a full biography and quantitatively analyze each current Bears player; first, because that would put both you and I to sleep, and second, Jerry's advocating "change" within the roster.

So, I need your help. Yes, you, the active poster. Yes, you, the rare poster. Yes, you, the non-member reader. Every single person that is involved in WCG is some way, this post is for you.

What do you want stories written about?

For example, here were some topics I had thought about thus far:

1) Great Moments in Bears History (topics include: the Super Bowl season; top receiving/rushing/passing yards/whatever stat in a game/season; Chicago Bears who hold NFL records, etc.)

2) The Bears HOF Tournament (similar to the March Madness tournament bracket). Essentially, I would draft a post detailing all the accomplishments of the HOF Chicago Bears and you all would rank them. Once we have the initial ranking, we would play it out through the rankings to determine WCG's HOF rankings.

3) Detailing the early history of the Chicago Bears. I bet that some on here know how we came to be, but I'd be willing to bet that some don't, either.

Those were just thoughts I had to keep myself entertained before 2nd semester starts. Bottom line: I want your thoughts on what should be written! It makes my life easier and you get to read topics that are of interest to you.

So....whaddya want to see?