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Minnesota Not Done Yet

I know the suspension of the Williams boys gave some a little boost in the chance of the Bears sneaking in, but that chance is at least on hold for now.

Hennepin County Judge Gary Larson granted a restraining order Wednesday, allowing the players to return to practice. The Williamses were among six NFL players suspended Tuesday for four games -- the last regular-season games of this season.

The league alleged the players used a diuretic that can serve as a masking agent for steroids. Such use is a violation of the NFL's anti-doping policy.

Larson ordered attorneys for the players and the league to provide briefs regarding their positions in the case before he makes the order permanent. It is unclear whether the Williamses would be eligible to play in Minnesota's game Sunday against Detroit.

The NFL issued a statement Wednesday saying the league's anti-doping policy and the collective bargaining agreement bar the kind of lawsuit brought by the Williamses.

That last part is the interesting part.  The bargaining agreement at the same time as allowing the NFL to suspend also does not allow players some avenues of fighting the charges.