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Quick Hits

Wcg_bullet_medium Garrett Wolfe is expected to miss 3-4 weeks with a hamstring injury, thus effectively ending his season unless the Bears make the playoffs.  This doesn't hamper our offense at all, but  Wolfe has become a reliable special teams preformer for us.  The flip side of this is with Wolfe out maybe Kevin Jones can get back on the active roster and get some minutes in.

Wcg_bullet_medium This guy is not happy with the way the Bears....OK, I'll fess up.  I'm pointing you to this one more to give props to the guy for busting out an old Wildcats quote. 

Wcg_bullet_medium Eventhough he missed some of last weeks game against Jacksonville with a tightened hamstring, Tommie Harris is expected to be available and ready for this weeks New Orleans game.

Wcg_bullet_medium This schmoe feels the need to point out that Ron Turner made a big call that helped the Bears seal the deal.  I guess he forgets to mention how that if Turner would stop taking his foot off the gas whenever we get a comfortable lead we might not need this late big plays to ice the win.