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Anderson An Option Again?

A few weeks ago, the Cleveland Browns announced that Derek Anderson would be their starter next year, that last year of his contract.  They are trying to work out an extended deal to keep  him around until they think Brady Quinn is ready.  Problem is Anderson isn't buying it.  He wants a longer deal.

The Browns opened negotiations last week by offering Anderson a three-year deal, but Anderson's representation is seeking a longer term, about five years. The sides hope to reach a deal before free agency opens Feb. 29.

Anderson obviously isn't interested in Brady Quinn's development, he wants a long term deal and have a team.  Assuming Anderson doesn't bite on a short term deal and the Browns decide to just tender him high and take the best offer, Anderson comes back on the radar.  With it looking likely that Donovan McNabb is going to stay with Philly, this would potentially drive Anderson's value up, again making it worth the decision for both the Browns and Anderson.

So start the debating again, interested?