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Draft Analysis- Joe Flacco

I don't know if I ever mentioned this, but SBN had their very own site dedicated to the NFL draft. Mocking the Draft has piece taking a look at potential Bears target, Delaware QB, Joe Flacco.

Specific Traits - Quarterback
Accuracy: Is an accurate vertical thrower, although some of his throws will sail. Does a good job hitting the underneath routes, and gets the balls to his playmakers with room to run. Overall, good accuracy, but it can get streaky at times.

Arm Strength: Possesses a big-time arm and can make all the NFL throws. Has a cannon to throw the ball vertically, has amazing zip and can whip it out past the hash marks. Arguably the strongest arm in the class.

Decision Making: Does a good job reading through his progressions and finding the open guy. However, he trusts his arm too much, which causes him to get reckless at times, and force throws. Could improve in this area.

Field Vision: Does a good job of scanning the entire field. Spreads the ball out from sideline-to-sideline, and has experience spreading the ball out. Uses his height to see the entire field.

Mechanics: Due to playing in the spread at college, his footwork is sloppy and needs to be fine-tuned upon his entrance in the NFL. Throws the ball with a good throwing motion, steps into his throws and has a quick release. The main issue in this area is footwork.

Mobility: Not a quarterback who makes you fear his feet, but he does a nice job scrambling in the pocket and has the ability to tuck it and run. Has the ability to get the first down, though, when nothing is there.

Pocket Awareness: Plays with good awareness, and knows when to tuck and run, and when to keep the play alive.