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A Case For Faneca

While the subject of Pittsburgh's Alan Faneca is a polarizing one around here, outside of this blog it seems like a unanimous decision, the Bears need to man up and fork out some dough for the 7 time Pro Bowler.

My question is, how long did they need to study to realize Faneca is an absolute stud up front who can significantly upgrade their shoddy line play from last season? What, seven Pro Bowls, a consistently powerful Steelers running game and a Super Bowl ring weren't enough proof that Faneca, still only 31, is 6-5, 312 pounds of interior blocking fury? The only thing Chicago should be researching is if it has the funds and salary-cap means to sign Faneca to a multi-year deal.

If this was ideal, he'd come in and be an upgrade to the left guard spot.  That would allow John Tait to move back to the right side, where he would also be an upgrade.  If the Bears then used their #14 pick on an offensive tackle, the Bears would have a line with Faneca, Tait, Kruetz, Otah/Baker/Williams(whichever is available) and then perhaps Brown if he comes back.  From name value alone that is a pretty nice sounding line up.