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Bears Rumors and Transaction Updates

The Bears have no interest at this time in signing Marty Booker to have a second stint with the Bears.  He reportedly has been offered a contract or is talking to the New England Patriots.

Mushin Muhammad has expressed his desire to return to the Carolina area and is looking to returning to the Carolina Panthers.

Alex Brown's two year contract extension is worth a reported max value of $15.5 million.  That includes $5 million up front.  It is also being reported that this will signal a return to the starting line up, thus sending Mark Anderson back to the role he excelled at, that of a pass rush specialist.

Depending on which of the players the Bears have offered contracts to of Briggs, Berrian, Harris and Ayanbedejo, others that might be released are Adam Archuleta, Ricky Manning Jr. and Ruben Brown.