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Bears Release Mushin Muhammad

Monday the Chicago Bears released wide receiver Mushin Muhammad.

Muhammad was the Bears big free agent pick up in 2005.  He was to be the big upgrade the Bears receiving corp.

He has instead been a disappointment for his entire run here.  In three years he has 164 passes caught.  He is also high up on the list of dropped passes for that period of time.

Muhammad had two years left on his contract.

"Anytime a guy of Moose's stature is released, it's a surprise," said agent Joel Segal, who represents Muhammad and Brown. "It's good timing for Moose because it's on the cusp of free agency. It gives him time to sign with another team."

While this is not shocking it may be a bit surprising.  Bernard Berrian is a free agent and most seem to believe the likely hood of him resigning is slim considering the amount of money he likely will be looking for.

If he does go elsewhere, the Bears receiving corp is down pretty much Devin Hester and Rashied Davis.