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Bears Personnel Update

Bears special teams ace Brendon Ayanbadejo is going to decline the Bears contract offer and test free agency.  While he has said his goal is to be the first special team player to make over 2 million a year the real reason seems to be that he wants more playing time on defense.  Based on Special Teams coach Dave Toub's word he is pretty good at the position, but at a spot on the Bears that has depth even without Lance Briggs he isn't likely to get that shot.  Whether he'd come back if he can't find a team willing to give him that time, is not known.

"Every time he gets plays on defense, Brendon makes plays," Toub said.

Lovie Smith took the podium at the NFL Combine and had some to say about a few players.  He expressed his desire again to have Rex Grossman back with the Bears.

He also said he would like to have Mike Brown and Adam Archuleta back as well.  

On the draft, he has not  problem with a rookie starting on the offensive line.