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Rex is our Quaterback?

The Sun Times is on the story called Bears already Rex-Messaging

Here are some juicy cuts...

It wasn't as emphatic as the usual ''Rex is our quarterback,'' but Bears coach Lovie Smith and general manager Jerry Angelo left no doubt Thursday that star-crossed free agent Rex Grossman is who they want under center next season.

''I think this is his best situation,'' Angelo said. ''That's my opinion. I've shared that with his agent. I don't see any reason why he wouldn't come back given the scenario. The grass always looks greener, but it's got to be mowed, too. So I feel he'll make a good decision.''

Smith conceded ''there have been some highs and some lows,'' but was adamant about wanting Grossman back.

''We think Grossman is a good football player, and I choose to remember more of those highs,'' he said. ''I still don't think he's peaked yet. I still think his future is bright.''

But they are admitting that there will be competition with Orton.
''Kyle did some good things at the end, [and] I think he deserves the right to compete at the position,'' Angelo said. ''I don't see this dragging out into the season. We will have a pretty good feel, as we already do, about the guys and what the tiebreaker is, that obviously has to be determined by the coaches.''

Angelo said Grossman knows the situation and has discussed the competition with Smith.

''He's fine with it,'' Angelo said.

I just put out an article where it seems that our season's hopes are pinned on Grossman or Orton excelling and/or making "the leap" this year. This all just seems surprising to me.  After the Super bowl and everything that has happened the last thing I expected was to hear Angelo say; "I think this is his best situation." That comment is directed towards Grossman, but it just seems odd that Angelo has just resigned himself to allowing Grossman to take the reigns again.  However, all that said, I am not sure if we have another option. This could very well be our only option (that is if Grossman decides to stay), and Angelo and Lovie are just being brutally honest with us.

What do you all think? Does this tick you off?  Or what better solution can you think of?  Aside from a trade I can't see it working out any other way.