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One Sided Rumor Mill

(Are any of us new Chicago Bears?  You guess is as good as ours!)

To try to keep you all informed about anything even remotely Bears related this off season, I have RSS feeds up to my ears, I have sites and sites bookmarked.  I probably hit 50 each morning to see if there is anything worth posting, but the one thing I have noticed is nobody has any idea what the Bears are going to do.

I know over and over who the Bears are likely to lose.  I know that the 49ers are the front runner for Lance Briggs services.  I know that the 49ers, Panthers and Redskins are all interested in Mushin Muhammad.  I know that the Broncos want to talk to Bernard Berrian.  What I don't know is who the Bears are interested in talking to.

I saw one small blurb at the bottom of an article that says they would like to talk to Alan Faneca and that makes sense, but that is it.  Not another piece of information is coming out of Chicago.  Are the Bears that much more tight lipped and secretive than the rest of the league.

Angelo and Smith have both said they want to bring in competition at many positions.  Great!, but who?  Are you interested in Michael Turner?  Are you going to speak to Stallworth, Hackett or Bryant Johnson?  Give me something.   Show me that we are going to actually follow through and not just try to upgrade by subtraction.

I don't care if it is true, drop me a sources close to the Bears say they have been in talks with the Cardinals for Larry Fitzgerald.  Tell me Randy Moss secretly wants to play in Chicago.  Tell me talks between Jordan Gross and the Panthers are so bad, they are talking to the Bears about a possible trade.

If they don't I am going to start making up rumors.  I'm sure I'd get some great traffic if the Bears were suddenly in talks with Cleveland about Braylon Edwards.