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Bears Sign Rex Grossman

The Chicago Bears and Rex Grossman have come to terms on a 1 year deal.

The deal pays Grossman 3 million in base salary and has up to 2 million in incentives.

"I love the organization," Grossman told late last month. "They drafted me. A lot of bad things have happened to me since I've been here with injuries and things, but the 2006 season was a special one. We almost completed the ultimate goal. I want to finish that. I want to finish what I started and I want to be a Bear for the rest of my life."

I think this is a win win situation.  We get a guy who obviously likes it here.  He could have gone elsewhere and might have even found a guaranteed starting job.  He wasn't going to make a lot of money regardless.  The Bears get him for one more year to see if he is anything.  If he turns it around we work the long term deal.  If he bombs out, we can wash our hands of him.

I think this might close the career of Brian Griese as a Bear.  I don't know how much it would cost us to release him, but with uncertainty with both Orton and Grossman the Bears cannot roll without a guy waiting in the wings.