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Bears Personnel Updates

Obviously the big news is the signing of Rex Grossman, but that does not mean the job is his.  Per one NFL source going into camp, the job is Kyle Orton's to lose.  I think this is only fair.  Orton wins 10 games as a rookie and then finds himself the third string QB.  He only just got his shot and did enough to warrant the opportunity.

Reports say that Tommie Harris is looking for a contract somewhere in the range of the deal that Dwight Freeney received from the Colts.  That contract:

$72 million over six seasons. Freeney will be paid $37.72 million over the first three years of his deal, and it's believed Harris has targeted $40 million.

Look the Bears are going to have to fork out some money to somebody.  They cannot keep letting their best guys get away.  If it isn't going to be Lance Briggs, than why not Tommie Harris?  Obviously, there are probably still some concerns about him staying healthy.

Super agent and pain in Jerry Angelo's side, has said that even though it looks like Briggs, Berrian and Ayanbadejo are going to be exploring free agency, that he and the Bears are still in contact and will be working all 4 contracts up until free agency and beyond if needed.

''We're talking to them on all four guys [including defensive tackle Tommie Harris], and it's ongoing,'' Rosenhaus said. ''I don't want to characterize our negotiations, but if we do not get something done before free agency opens, we will continue to communicate with them during free agency.''

Rosenhaus got a bad rap for the whole TO problem a few years back and got hit again for some of the decisions that Briggs made, but he cannot be a constant thorn.  Some teams wills top dealing with him and eventually players will.  He needs to get guys their money and get them on the team without always so much hassle.