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Signing Grossman Was The Right Move

I don't have any particular gripes with Matt Mosely of ESPN's Hashmarks, he is a fellow blogger and I get some hits from his site fairly regularly, but he is the latest in a growing list of experts or journalists who are fresh on the 'Why would they resign Rex Grossman?" band wagon.

Yes, Grossman has been wildly inconsistent and down right awful at times, but he also has been to the Super Bowl and played a span of games when people where calling him MVP caliber.  But moreover what I'd like to see is instead of bashing Rex or the Bears for signing him, how about instead you offer up your better solution?

Sure it sounds great to trumpet the names of Donovan McNabb and Derek Anderson.  Heck, I have called for Anderson myself, but it doesn't take a whole lot of reading to find out that Anderson is in serious negotiations with Cleveland and isn't likely to be available to us.  Mid-season Philly was asking 3 1st rounder for McNabb.  I am sure that number would be significantly lower if he were available, but is he?  Everybody seems to think so, but if you read the stuff coming out of Philly fences have been mended and he might not be available.  Is a QB who hasn't finished a full season in 4 years, worth any 1st rounders?

So, Oh High and Mighty gurus of sports knowledge, who is it that is better than the combo of Grossman and Orton that you think the Bears should start next season.  Maybe you like an over-the-hill vet like Todd Collins.  Maybe your preference is with never wases like Tim Hasselbeck, Josh McCown, or Byron Leftwich.  Maybe you are high on one time guys who have never been able to duplicate their success like Daunte Culpepper or Billy Volek.  But do any of them really give you any better shot at winning?  You could take a flyer on Culpepper or Volek and hope for the best, but how is that different than what we are doing with Orton and Grossman?

The Bears are taking a QB in the draft and if you buy into rumors that will be Joe Flacco or Chad Henne.  I submit the Bears have properly handled the QB situation given what is available and what they can get at a fair price.

Maybe it is time for some of these writers to give me fair value for the stuff they right for the price they get paid.