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Conclussions From The Combine

So we still don't know much about what the Bears will do in Free Agency.  Some think Alan Faneca and Michael Turner are locks to get a look.  Others think the two will be part bidding wars and the Bears might not get inolved altogether.  What we do know are some vague conclusions based on what happed this week at the combine.

The most interesting minutiae at the combine involved Glenn Dorsey's tibia. The future of the LSU defensive tackle, considered a possible No. 1 overall pick, was clouded considerably when reported teams were beginning to worry about effects from a 2006 stress fracture in his right tibia. Dorsey was sent to a hospital for more tests, according to the report.

Hmmm. If you're the Bears, do you start to wonder if Dorsey could scare enough teams that he drops all the way to No. 14? Tommie Harris fell in the 2004 draft thanks to injury concerns. If another player of Harris' potential is sitting there at No. 14, injury issues and all, aren't you tempted if you're the Bears? Even with more pressing needs at offensive tackle, running back and wide receiver?