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Brandon Lloyd, A Possible Bears Target?

What's this?  Is this a legitimate Bears rumor.  Has the Bears been attached to a free agent?  It seems so, though not because of some source, just a case of connections.

Today the Redskins released WR Brandon Lloyd.  Rotoworld is guessing that a possible destination is Chicago where Ron Turner was Lloyd's college coach.

I'd say no for three reasons.

  1. Just because you coached a guy in college doesn't mean he wants to come to a place where we certainly are not going overpay for him and have a questionable QB situation.
  2.  Ron Turner has no room to leverage a guy.  He is just barely holding onto his job.  He needs to keep his nose clean and have a good year.
  3. In the same article that you speculate the Bears you say the Skins gave up two mid round picks and overpaid him and he didn't deliver.  How come we have to get the guy nobody wants?
Anybody think he is worth it?