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Draft Breakdown- Joe Flacco

With the 2008 NFL Pro Football Draft coming up quickly on the horizon I though it appropriate to take a look at some of the likely candidates for the Bears. This section will be profiling players that the Chicago Bears might target on that weekend in late April.

The next player that we will look at is the Bears 'Sure Thing'. Everybody seems set that this guy is the QB the Bears will target in the second round. The big knock on him is lack of mobility, but if you watch the hightlight reels he has good pocket awareness and gets way from any number of rushes and sure sacks.

Flacco is the 4th rated QB on most boards

Flacco projects late first round, but more likely early second.

Per NFL Draft Countdown:

Strengths: Has excellent size and a big frame...Has an outstanding arm and can make all the throws...Quick delivery...Pretty accurate...Nice touch and timing...Throws a terrific deep ball...Really smart and a hard worker....Tough and durable...Had a fantastic senior campaign...Solid leadership ability...Very productive...Still has some upside. Weaknesses: Is not very mobile...Will have some throws sail on him...He needs to clean up and refine his mechanics and footwork...Instincts in the pocket are questionable...Too confident in his arm and will force things...Does not have a lot of experience...Will have to adjust to a pro style offense..Hasn't played much against top competition. Notes: Name is pronounced ""flack-oh""...Father Stephen played football and baseball at the University of Pennsylvania....Began his college career at Pittsburgh where he redshirted and then served as Tyler Palko's backup...He transferred down a level in search of more playing time in 2005...Worked predominantly out of the shotgun with the Blue Hens...Not a finished product but an intriguing developmental signal caller with all the physical tools you look for...Has starting potential down the line.

Hightlight Reel
Hightlight Reel #2

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EVEN. Joe Flacco has probably move up the boards as much as he is going to. His Combine results solidified his spot, but didn't give him a boost. The only way he likely gets picked in the first round is if a team is high on him and is sure the Bears are going to take him.

I think the Chicago Bears would be the perfect opportunity for him," Kiper said, "because, in Chicago, they need a quarterback who can cut through that wind and play in those conditions. "And Flacco can do that. He's got the best arm of any quarterback in this draft. He flicks his wrist and the ball jumps out of his hand. --Mel Kiper