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Bears Tender Davis and McGowan

Looking to lock up more of their own for additional years, the Bears have tendered receiver Rashied Davis and safety Brandon McGowan.

The Bears sent qualifying offers Wednesday to wide receiver Rashied Davis and safety Brandon McGowan, both restricted free agents. Davis was tendered at the low level of $927,000, and because he was not a draft pick, any team signing him to an offer sheet would not have to give the Bears a pick if the Bears opted not to match. He might be a good fit in San Francisco, where offensive coordinator Mike Martz is looking for multiple receivers.

It's unknown if the Bears tendered McGowan at $927,000 or at the intermediate level of $1.417 million, which would provide them with right of first refusal and a second-round pick as compensation. No team is going to swap a second-rounder for McGowan, but he might generate interest at the low level, considering he also was an undrafted free agent and the Bears would have only right of first refusal on an offer sheet.

Both of these guys are important currently.  Receiver and safety are two spots that are both lacking depth and experience.