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Derek Anderson Back On The Market?

Going back to early in the off season nobody really believed that Browns QB Derek Anderson would make it to Free Agency.  The Browns had even gone so far as to name him their starter for next season. But when contract talks ensued the two sides were never able to get something worked out.  The hold up was in the amount of years.  The Browns wanted a 3 year deal, planning to have Brady Quinn ramped up and ready to take over by then.  Anderson's team wanted 5-6 years.

Now hours away from Free Agency, it looks like Anderson will not sign and accept whatever tender the Browns place on him.

The Derek Anderson negotiations are taking a lot of twists and turns, but this one truly should go down to the last minute.

The Browns made a big pitch by going to a shorter deal at great money -- three-years, $20 million -- but it still looks as though Anderson might not take a deal before the 4 p.m. Thursday deadline to receive his restricted free-agent tender from the team.

Teams in need of quarterbacks are starting to show interest in Anderson, enough interest that they might consider offering first- and third-round draft choices for him. That would be similar to what happened last year with Falcons restricted free-agent quarterback Matt Schaub, who went to the Houston Texans in a trade. "

I don't know if the Bears have ever showed any interest in Anderson.  I don't know how much they consider one year of good play versus a rookie.

The Bears have also shown they have no interest in going for the home run.  Seeing the Bears give up a first and third and then offering him a 5-6 contract just isn't a typical Bears move.

On the plus side though, he is ready now.  We know he can make the throws and playing in Cleveland he does have familiarity with the weather and wind.

If Anderson is tendered, are any of you still interested.

Assuming say we give the first and third and then say take Brendan Albert with our second.   Would you consider that a win?