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Marion Barber III, Available?

UPDATE: The Cowboys have tendered Marion Barber III with at the highest level despite earlier reports. It will cost a 1st and a 3rd to sign him.

In what I would consider a surprising and completely ignorant move the Dallas Cowboys are expected to tender Marion Barber III at the lower end of the scale.  A team that is interested would have to give up a 1st round.

There are many possible reasons for this move and the best one can do is speculate. It could be a salary cap issue or Jerry might be setting himself up to make a play at a top draft pick. We won't know right away though and it will be interesting to read what the media makes of it. If nothing else it just adds fuel to the rumor fires already burning.

Firstly, let me clear this up.  Michael Turner is not leaving San Diego and go somewhere where he is still a backup.  He wants the opportunity to start somewhere.  That is not going to happen in Dallas.  I would consider Turner a long shot in Chicago just due to the price, but who knows.

While I like the prospect of Derek Anderson, I would feel much better giving up a first for Barber.  This is Chicago, damn it, we need a back like him.