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Bears After Micheal Turner

Logically you would hope the Bears at least considered it, but the most tight lipped team in the league wouldn't let even a vague slip of the tongue for us fans.

That said this is not official, just a rumor laced with an assumption mixed up with some gossip, but it is the first thing I have seen that has actually tied the Bears to Turner.

Rotoworld is reporting that Turner will meet with the Falcons on Friday.  In their add on info they have this:

Atlanta, looking for a power rusher, is the most logical landing spot for Turner. We wouldn't be surprised if he signs Friday. The Lions, Bears and Saints are also said to be actively pursuing the running back.

So assuming this is true, at least the Bears are looking to go after a top name free agent.  I mean we are losing so many we should at least get one in return.