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Bears Playing the Waiting Game

I have to say that I am not at all enamored with the way the Bears are approaching free agency this year.
It seems they have decided to wait out their own free agents and hope the market is either not there (Briggs), they don't get the money they are expecting (Berrian) or don't get the playing time they are looking for(Ayanbadejo).  

Meanwhile, they are not making any moves in free agency, so by the time we know whether or not these guys are coming back all the guys who might take their place are gone.  

As far as replacements obviously the one I am worried most about is Berrian.  We can find or develop special teams guys and we have two high draft picks in Jamar Williams and Michael Okwo ready to fill in for Lance Briggs, but our receiving corp without Berrian is anemic.  If the Bears let what receivers there are available go by, Stallworth, Johnson, Hackett, etc., there may not be anybody left that is an actual upgrade.