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Bears Working On New Contract For Brian Urlacher

You might think that the day before Free Agency the Bears would be double checking their list and getting ready to work the speed dial, but they were not.

Instead they were busy doing something most Bears fans would deem much more productive.  They were talking to Brian Urlacher and his agent about a new contract.

The extent of the talks with Urlacher for a new deal beyond the current one that is to expire in 2011 is unknown.

The Bears might proceed with caution and be hesitant to give Urlacher significantly more guaranteed money up front. They naturally may have concerns about his back and neck injuries, especially considering his age. He turns 30 in May.

Urlacher is one of those ultimate team guys.  He has openly lobbied for big contracts for other players, but not himself.  He isn't looking to break the bank and is more interested in remaining in a Bears uniform for the rest of this career.