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Dent Denied Again

I believe at some point Richard Dent will make it into the Hall of Fame, but it isn't happening this year.  I am getting used to this, but I am curious about one of the guys who did, Andre Tippett, linebacker from New England.  Now I don't doubt Tippett's ability, but just comparing numbers, he falls behind Dent.  He played in the same time era of football as well.

Andre Tippett in his career made 5 Pro Bowls and 5 All Pro Teams.

Richard Dent in his made 4 Pro Bowls and 5 All Pro Teams.

Andre Tippet is 23rd on the all time sack list with 100.

Richard Dent is 5th with 137.5 sacks.

Andre Tippett has 3 years in which he had double digit sacks.

Richard Dent has 8 years with double digit sacks.

Plus, Richard Dent has a Super Bowl MVP against Tippett and the Patriots.

Can anybody give me a real good reason why Tippett is in and Dent is not?