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3 Round Mock Draft

A new 3 round mock draft.

Pick 14- WR Malcolm Kelly (Oklahoma)

This is not where the Bears expected to pick after losing in the Super Bowl. Beating the Packers in their finale dropped them from #9 so I hope it was worth sticking their rival in a meaningless game. It might be tempting to look at wide receiver DeSean Jackson (Cal) but considering they have possibly the best return man of all-time it limits his value for them. However, other than Bernard Berrian (a free agent) there is very little at the position. Muhsin Muhammad has been a steady performer the past three seasons, but will turn 35 in May and just had his least productive season since 1997. Mark Bradley has just 38 receptions in three years after being taken early in the second round of the 2005 draft. If they are gun shy about taking another Sooner the pick will be Limas Sweed from their rival Texas.

Pick 44- QB Chad Henne (Michigan)

Their quarterback play has been atrocious. When the defense and special teams stopped dominating the roof fell in. Griese was given his chance and turned it over multiple times in 4 of 6 extensive appearances. Grossman has one foot out the door and the other in a bear trap, pun intended. Orton was given one last uneventful look and that was smart. Next up is an experienced starter (47 games) from a top notch program who led the Wolverines to 36 victories while passing for 87 touchdowns. The team says they won't pick a QB in round 1 and might pursue someone like Derek Anderson. If they get someone like that expect an offensive tackle here.  

Pick 75- DT Red Bryant (Texas A&M)

Due to recent departures the Bears are thin at tackle with no young talent in reserve. Their run defense fell to #24 following a #6 ranking in their Super Bowl season. An outside linebacker will move up the priority list if they don't sign free agent Lance Briggs.

Pick 90- OT Barry Richardson (Clemson)

Their offensive line features a pair of old tackles. If they can secure a massive prospect like Richardson this late I believe the Bears will rush to the podium.  

I don't know that latter two all that well, but I have to say if the Bears first two picks went WR-QB, I'd wouldn't be pleased.  Definitely no WR in the first, too many other more  important places we need to work on.  For some reason I don't expect the Bears to take a QB in 2, but I am getting used to the idea, but Henne is not they option I'd go with.