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Bernard Berrian Signs With Vikings

Giving Bryant Johnson's trip to Halas Hall a little added meaning next week, the Bears are now officially without a number 1 receiver.

Bernard Berrian has agreed to terms with the Minnesota Vikings.  The deal is for six-years and worth $42 million.  The contract gives him a $16 million signing bonus. He'll get $23 million in the first three years.

This is an odd choice and I think a horrible on for Berrian.  He has other suitors and maybe the Vikings offer is better than any he has received, but he is going to a team whose QB situation is just as questionable as ours.

Yes, they have Adrian Peterson and that will take some pressure of the passing game, but Tavaris Jackson didn't exactly light it up last year with AP running.

I get the feeling Berrian might have just sunk himself for the prime of his career.