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Lance Briggs Resigns With The Bears

UPDATE: Jay Glazer is reporting that Briggs deal has around 12 million up front. A far cry from the 20 he was asking for last year. There are also reports that the Reskins did make a play for Briggs, but the numbers were the same, so he opted to stay home.

The one constant going into this season was everybody was sure Lance Briggs was gone.  He wanted out last year.  We worked an arrangement that we would not franchise him this year, but all that said and a dry market has brought Briggs home.

The deal is for six years and 36 million dollars.  I don't have terms as far as up front money.

This is probably the biggest move the Bears will make all free agency and could be the most important.  This keeps the league's best linebacking corp in place for years to come.