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Cardnial Receivers At It Again, Anquan Boldin Wants Out?

I think I have spent more time posting on the possibility of a Cardinals receiver ending up in Chicago.  First it was Bryant Johnson on the open market, who depending on who you read last the Bears may or may not have had any interest in.  Then it was Larry  Fitzgerald being unhappy with his contract and a brief foray into the possibility of a trade (Philly is the only team known to have tried).

Now it appears, and you can only find little scraps of info on this at the bottom of random articles,  that Anquan Boldin is unhappy with his current contract in light of the extension given to Fitzgerald and he wants a new deal or wants out.

I cannot see the Cardinals paying two receivers that type of money, so Boldin might be a bit more available than Fitzgerald and perhaps at a bit smaller of a price.

Not that the Bears are going to be the ones attempting to get him, I'm just saying.