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No Mendenhall In The First

Ok fellas, this is full of rumors and sources saids, but it is out there.

Some believe the Cedric Benson's career may be at stake due to this recent surgery.  Obviously, the Bears aren't letting anything out and won't until they know for sure or have seen him work out in training camp.

The interesting part of this is that it is said that the Bears will draft a running back, but likely not until the 3rd round.  This brings our OL/QB scenario back to the top of the list.

The story goes on to say that if Darren McFadden were to fall to #14, the Bears would consider changing their plans.  Firstly, there is no way McFadden falls that far unless something happens.   The question is if say he got to around 9 or 10, which still seems unlikely, would the Bears move up to get him before other teams?

What is your take on McFadden?  Would you be cool with the Bears moving up 5 or so spots if they could nab him?