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Matt Ryan and Brian Brohm Score High On Wonderlic Exams

Probably the one position where the results of the Wonderlic Exam actually might make a difference is with QBs.  The top 4 QBs all scored well.  

Brian Brohm and Matt Ryan both reportedly scored a 32 out of 50.  Joe Flacco scored a 27 out of 50 and Chad Henne received a 22 out of 50.

The offensive line men did well with the exception of Ryan Clady.
Ryan Clady (13)  
Jeff Otah (28)
Chris Williams (32)
Sam Baker (27)
Jake Long (26)
Gosder Cherilus (25)

Again these are not official numbers.  Clady is a potential Bears target, but I don't put a whole lot in the scores for any linemen.