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San Francisco Guilty of Tampering

NFL Commissioner has made his ruling and it favors  the Chicago Bears. The Bears had previously accused the 49ers of talking with Lance Briggs while he was still under contract.

The 49ers have been stripped of their 5th round pick.  More importantly, the Bears will swap picks with the 49ers in the third round.

The Bears will get the 49ers 7th pick in the third round, #71.  The 49ers get the Bears choice, since the Bears have 2 selections that round.

The last part makes no sense.  Why would the Bears opt to give up #76, when they can give up #91?  If anything else they can then trade back and get another late round draft pick.

Perhaps though with a higher pick the Bears could move back into the 2nd at a higher spot if they want and go after a couple of guys they covet.

This is a very favorable deal for the Bears. Not only did they get to keep Lance Briggs at the contract numbers they wanted to give, but we pick up a few spots in the draft.
I'll post the Bears new draft order and some updated mocks once the Bears select the pick.