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WCG Mock Draft- Miami Dolphins

It is finally time to kick this thing off, so lets get right to it.

Jake Long
Offensive Tackle
6' 7" 313 lbs.
ANALYSIS: It’s pretty obvious that the Dolphins are in full rebuilding mode and they brought in Bill Parcells to help with the rebuilding. After firing most of the coaching staff and replacing with his hand picked guys and releasing some popular veterans that should tell you what the Tuna thought of the team before he got there. Obviously, when rebuilding, you want to start with the most important position, QB. But this year’s draft doesn’t have that can’t miss #1 pick. Matt Ryan is considered the best QB (depending on who you ask) but he’s not worth the #1 pick. With that said, Offensive Line is the other most important position. It all starts on the front line and Jake Long is the prototypical franchise Left Tackle. He has everything you look for in a Left Tackle, size, strength, technique, and attitude. The guy was a Freshman All-American and 2-time All-American at Michigan. He only gave up 1 sack his senior year and that was to Vernon Gholston. Personally, I think Long is the surest thing in the draft. I think the Dolphins would probably like to trade out of this pick but if they can’t, look for them to take Jake Long with the first pick of the 2008 NFL Draft and help anchor their offensive line for the next 10-15 years.

Pick Player Drafter Analysis
1 Jake Long McRipper Details

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