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Chicago Bears Meet With Darren McFadden and Felix Jones

If I tried to speculate what the Bears will do in this year's draft, I would say that if we stay at pick #14 we go with an offensive linemen.

If however by some divine intervention Darren McFadden slipped past #10 I could see the Bears making a move.

If, which is more likely, the Bears move down and the likes of Chris Williams and Ryan Clady are gone, I could see the Bears looking at a guy like Felix Jones, depending on how far they deal back.

I think from a strategy stand point the Bears know that in the first 3-4 rounds they know the positions they want and they are just going to see who is available and what type of deals are out there and take whatever they deem to be most beneficial to them.

Either way the Bears are meeting with both backs involved in those two scenarios.  

If the Bears' interest in either one or both is genuine, it could signal Benson's rehabilitation from a fractured left ankle is behind and the possibility would then exist he will be phased out of the team's plans. Benson had the walking cast he was in removed Dec. 31, and general manager Jerry Angelo said following the season he still believed the fourth pick from the 2005 draft could be a featured back. But actions speak louder than words, and if the Bears were to maneuver up in the first round of the draft to grab McFadden, or down to snare Jones, it would likely signal the end of the road for Benson.