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WCG Mock Draft- NY Jets

Darren McFadden
Running Back
ANALYSIS: know it seems like Oakland was in place to take McFadden with the recent defensive pickups. But I feel they think too highly on Fargas, Bush and Jordan and will choose a different route.

With that being said, it just seems too right for the Jets to make this move. The Jets lack in offensive and defensive talent for the most part and with the departure of Jonathan Vilma some might say they will go defense. But just like the Vikings last year, a running back with these kind of skills is just too good to pass up. With the signings of Alan Faneca, Bubba Franks, and Damien Woody, it just seems like they are setting up to go down the running back route for the offense, since the whole passing game seems to be falling apart. Laveranues Coles is demanding more money rather than more talent and they seem to have a familiar situation at QB as the Bears do, they don't know if Pennington will hold up and the verdict is still out for Clemens They have former Bear Thomas Jones, but he seemed to not live up to anything last season and he isn't getting any younger, but he would be great to have in a 1-2 punch and perfect for keeping Darren under his wing and showing him the ways to become and NFL elite.

If that wasn't enough, they have recently visited w/ DMC for the second time this week, just to show how interested they actually are. They have addressed some Defensive needs with Calvin Pace and Kris Jenkins, but now its time for the offense to get a little makeover. Darren McFadden will be a running back that will allow New York to compete with the Pats and help build the competition of the AFC East. Don't be suprised nor think I'm crazy if I say that they will compete for the Division Title this season.
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