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WCG Mock Draft - Baltimore Ravens

Matt Ryan
Boston College
ANALYSIS: Every year the Ravens have one of the top ranked Defensive units in the league led by Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. Every year the Ravens have one of the bottom ranked Offensive units in the league. Sound familiar? It’s no secret the Ravens need a lot of help on the offensive side of the ball. They brought in Steve McNair and Willis McGahee to turn the ship around but it hasn’t worked. McNair is probably done and Jonathan Ogden is probably going to retire and that leaves a huge whole on their offensive line which is why I could see the Ravens drafting Ryan Clady with this pick if he’s available. Personally, I think the Ravens are another bad season away from rebuilding completely. They brought in a new head coach so this draft is pretty important for his future as well. I think the Ravens have to pull the trigger on Matt Ryan. He has all the intangibles of a NFL QB and with a good RB in McGahee, the Ravens could have something to build on. Their WR’s don’t leave much to be desired and their offensive line will be horrible without Ogden. Again, they need a lot of help on the offensive side of the ball. Ryan could probably start right away but most likely he will sit a year as Kyle Boller’s back up and learn the new system.
Pick Player Drafter Analysis
1 Jake Long McRipper Details
2 Chris Long Chad Details
3 Glenn Dorsey mas12 Details
4 Vernon Gholston Doctor Chicago Details
5 Sedrick Ellis whitebearsox23 Details
6 Darren McFadden DaNate23 Details
7 Leodis McKelvin tyger1147 Details
8 Matt Ryan McRipper Details

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