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The 49ers Need To Man Up!

As I am sure all of you remember, the 49ers recently lost a 5th round draft pick and swapped third rounders with the Chicago Bears when NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell ruled in our favor on a tampering charge over whether the 49ers were in contact with Bears linebacker Lance Briggs while he was under contract with us.

Apparently, the guys over at SB's Niners blog have been reading and buying into what PFT has been selling lately.  Believing some conspiracy exists and that Goodell might have had his mind made up prior to the hearing and wanted to use the 49ers as an example.  That is all well and good and might even be true, but instead of taking their venom out on the league they have decided to be all piss and vinegar towards the Bears and have created a new Chicago logo dubbing us the Chicago Stoolies.

I understand that over the last 5 years the 49ers record is 25-55 and they might think that breaking league rules is the way to fix that, but perhaps you should right your own ship and stop worrying about what everybody else is doing.

So in retaliation the 49ers no longer exist, only the San Francisco Crybabies.  So I say to them put on your dresses and let us play some football.