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Bryant Johnson Not A Bears Target?

Despite reports that Cardinals free agent receiver Bryant Johnson was scheduled to visit Halas Hall on Tuesday, it seems that might not be correct.

It turns out his next stop is to Washington. It is beginning to look like no visit with the Bears was planned.

I have always backed what Jerry Angelo did and assumed he knew what he was doing, but at this point I have to ask that he man up and tell us what the hell he is doing.

The Bears need an upgrade on their oline yet the folly that is the New York Jets have signed Alan Faneca and are closing in on Damien Woody.

With Berrian signing in Minnesota the Bears need a receiver, yet Johnson isn't a target?  No run at Randy Moss?  No discussions with Hackett?  No talking to Cincy about a possible Chad Johnson trade?

We need a running back and while rumors are we were going to make a run at Turner, we were never officially on the visit list.  We haven't spoken to anybody.

What exactly is it that he is doing?  Come on!  Give us just a hint?  Are we really putting everything on this year's rookie class?