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Bears Playing Hard Ball With Ayanbadejo

The Bears have made us wait for new free agent signings under the guise of still trying to sign our own.  They lost Bernard Berrian, but kept Lance Briggs.  The next to have movement is special teams ace Brendan Ayanbadejo.  The movement though is on the way out.

The Chicago Bears have pulled a multi year offer off of the table.  Ayanbadejo's agent Drew Rosenhaus has been attempting to use the Bears' offer as a basis for a contract with other teams, with an emphasis on playing time as a linebacker.

I have no problems with Ayanbadejo trying to get more playing time, but he and his reps screwed up.  They came in looking for 2 million per year, way too much for a guy only proven as a special teamer not a linebacker.  He also has been quoted publicly as saying a lot of his success is due to the Bears system.  He admitted he wouldn't be as good elsewhere.  Talk about selling yourself short.  

At this point, I have to think Rosenhaus will tell him to meet with the N.Y. Jets, the only team that has still shown interest, see what they have to offer and if not much, come crawling back to the Bears and see what they are willing to give you.