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Mark Bradley Wants To Be #1

Based on his enormous success so for for the Chicago Bears receiver Mark Bradley believes he should be their #1 receiver.

"In my eyes, I'm that confident that I'm the No. 1 guy," Bradley said at the Walter Payton Center on Saturday while participating in a reading incentive program for kids along with Garrett Wolfe. "That's what they drafted me for in the second round, to be the No. 1 guy. I've just had some injuries and some minor setbacks. Now I'm recovered and ready to be that guy."

Clearly this is based on Bradley's career numbers of 38 total receptions for 583 yards and 4 TDs.  Because in comparison to Hester, who barley understood the offense, only has 20 receptions for 299 yards for 2TDs in one season.  And they are by far better than Booker's career numbers of 509 receptions for 6311 yards and 32 TDs.  He is obviously the shown he deserves it right?

Listen, I like Bradley, but up until now he are living off of a few performances a couple of years ago when he got around 80 yards on 4 or 5 catches.  

The fact of the matter is he has been injured more than he hasn't been and until he can stay healthy he hasn't earned anything.