4th Annual WCG Mock Draft

I am moving this over to the diary section, it is getting buried too quickly on the front page and I'd hate for just Chad and I to be doing this.

 Ok, folks!  It is that time again.  Time to draft mocks or some such thing.  

As always this is first come first serve.  Every pick is in play including Chicago.  You can put down you first and second choices, but no more.

The draft will be one round only.  You are required to select the player, send me the position, college and a write up on why that team should select him.  Write ups can be at a minimum of 4-5 sentences and a max of 2 paragraphs.

All picks need to be emailed to me, not posted in the comments section.

1 Dolphins McRipper
2 Rams Chad
3 Falcons mas12
4 Raiders Doctor Chicago
5 Chiefs whitebearsox23
6 Jets DaNate23
7 Patriots tyger1147
8 Ravens McRipper
9 Bengals tomas21
10 Saints
11 Bills thecoolest
12 Broncos Arctic Bronco
13 Panthers
14 Bears tyger1147
15 Lions
16 Cardinals gillrowdy
17 Vikings Ando
18 Texans
19 Eagles
20 Buccaneers
21 Redskins
22 Cowboys
23 Steelers
24 Titans
25 Seahawks thecoolest
26 Jaguars
27 Chargers gillrowdy
28 Cowboys
29 49ers
30 Packers Ando
31 Giants

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