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Chicago Bears Sign Marty Booker

Oh, now I understand.  It all makes sense now.  I should have been so obvious we all should count ourselves ignorant for not seeing it.  The way to boost your receiving corp is not by resigning your #1 speedster or by signing one of the hot young receivers looking to step up.  The way to boost it is to sign a guy you got rid of years ago.

The Chicago Bears have agreed to terms with former-Bear Marty Booker.  The deal is for 2 years.

Listen, I don't have a beef with Booker.  There are a number of reasons to have him on this team.  He is a good possession guy and we need one to replace Moose.  Maybe he was signed with the understanding that he is going to help Hester and Bradley take the next step, it is just in the scheme of things when Alan Faneca and Michael Turner and Randy Moss and any other number of big names are available signing Marty Booker doesn't do a whole lot to raise confidence that these guys know what they are doing.

And for the record, rumors are the Bears are interested in Bryant Johnson again, though no word on a meeting.