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Ding Dong, The Witch Is Dead! Brett Favre To Retire?

I know we have been down this road before, but Packers QB Brett Favre is as much a part of Bears history for the last decade plus, that it is almost Bears news.

FOX Sports is reporting that the mighty gunslinger is set to pack up his spurs and ride off into the sunset.

Favre, the ultimate risk-reward QB, has beaten the Bears so many times he probably has a paddle with our name on it hanging up over his mantle.

At the same time he has handed us the game just as many times with irreverent passing he might as well have a locker at Soldier Field.

I don't know if this is actually going to be the year he tosses in the towel, but it just seems right.  He had his run last year, running a group of youngters into the playoffs.  I just don't see him getting any better of a send off than last season.

As much as we hate him for what he has done to our team, you are to admire the guy for what he was for the league and what he has accomplished in his career.