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Who's Left? - Running Back

Bears GM Jerry Angelo promised that there would be competition at every position.  He neglected to tell us that he has no intention to create that competition through Free Agency.  Technically, if he tells Cedric Benson and Adrian Peterson that they are both in the running for the starting job, that is competition.

Either way here are the remaining running backs available.  Obviously, the elephant in the room is Marion Barber III.  He is the best on the board, but also the most expensive.  He will require multiple draft picks and big deal.  The Bears showed interest in Chris Brown last year before he resigned with the Titans, perhaps they will revisit him.

Derrick Ward of the Giants is an interesting choice.  He definitely is a different kind of runner and having his speed back there would be nice.

Anybody else here you'd like to see the Bears make a run at?

Anderson, Mike Baltimore Ravens UFA
Barber III, Marion Dallas Cowboys RFA
Bell, Tatum Detroit Lions UFA
Bennett, Michael Tampa Bay Buccaneers UFA
Brown, Chris Tennessee Titans UFA
Chatman, Jesse Miami Dolphins UFA
Dayne, Ron Houston Texans UFA
Duckett, T.J. Detroit Lions UFA
Dunn, Warrick Atlanta Falcons UFA
Haynes, Verron Pittsburgh Steelers UFA
Hicks, Maurice San Francisco 49ers UFA
Jones, Julius Dallas Cowboys UFA
Morency, Vernand Green Bay Packers RFA
Pittman, Michael Tampa Bay Buccaneers UFA
Smith, Musa Baltimore Ravens UFA
Thomas, Anthony Buffalo Bills UFA
Ward, Derrick New York Giants UFA