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Bears Receiving Corp To Take Another Hit? Rasheid Davis Gone?

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Somewhere in between all this Bernard Berrian, Mushin Muhammad, Devin Hester, Bryant Johnson, D.J Hackett and Marty Booker talk is another piece of the Bears receiving puzzle and it could be on its way out.

Rashied Davis is a restricted free agent and is getting some interest from around the league.  The problem is that Davis was undrafted, so if another team signs him the Bears are not entitled to any draft picks.

One thing is clear, the Bears want Davis back, some might say we need him back.  The question is at what price?

The Bears would not overpay Berrian, who can be a gamebreaker and granted Davis will not get a Berrian type contract would the Bears overpay to keep him in the mix?

If the Bears let Davis go, they need to put on a full court press for whoever is the best receiver still available on the market be it Hackett (reportedly about to sign with Seattle) or Bryant Johnson (reportedly suppose to make a decision soon).  We cannot go into the season with Booker/Hester/Bradley/Haas and whatever rookie receiver we draft and feel comfortable.  Especially considering out QB and RB situations are still in flux and unreliable.

Maybe the Bears need to start trolling for a trade somewhere.

So far only the Kansas City Chiefs have been openly reported as being interested in Davis, but all it takes is one team.