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Did The Bears Pay Attention The Last Two Years? Antonio Garay Out!

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I want to inform the Chicago Bears of a small fact that may have been overlooked in their uneventful free agency.  Our defensive line, while dominate at times, cannot stay healthy.  That is just the way it is.  Tommie Harris hasn't been 100% the last two years.  Dusty Dvoracek missed his entire rookie season and a large portion of his 2nd year.  

At one point we were signing random guys off the waiver wire and now we are even letting them go.  Earlier this week they allowed Jimmy Kennedy to sign with Jacksonville.

Now they have told Antonio Garay that he is not part of their future plans.

The Bears have informed free-agent defensive tackle Antonio Garay he is not in their plans. Garay fractured his right leg Dec. 6 on an illegal block by the Washington Redskins' Chris Samuels. The Bears are paying for his rehabilitation, and Garay hopes to have a new team this spring.

Garay was a suitable fill in and I'll admit nothing that can't be replaced, but there is something to be said for team chemistry.  We can't keep shuffling players in and out and expect the line to not miss a step.  Obviously, what we really need is for Harris and Dvorcek to stay healthy as they can prove to be massive on this line, but facts are fact, until it happens it hasn't happened.

Is it me or does is seem like Angelo is pinning an awful lot on this draft?