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Cloak and Dagger Draft Style- Joe Flacco and Andre Woodson Workouts

Be sure to get in on the 4th Annual WCG Mock Draft.  We still need participants.

The worst kept secret in all of sports right now is that the Bears want Delaware QB Joe Flacco.  Not a single pick in the top 10 is more of a lock than the Bears drafting Flacco in the second.

But if you recall before the off season really kicked off the name most attached to the Bears was Kentucky QB Andre Woodson.  Due to a poor Senior Bowl showing and not working out at the combine Woodson has seen his stock drop to as low as the third round.

Recently, both Delaware and Kentucky had their Pro Days.  You can bet that Chicago was at Flacco's, but they were one of seven teams that did not send a rep to Woodson's workout.

I am currently putting the over/under on us actually getting Flacco at 30%.  I think somebody is going to jump over us and get him late first or with one of the first picks of the second.

I do however have a thoery.  It is a rather disturbing theory, but a theory nonetheless.  I think the Bears are laying down a league best smoke screen.  I think they are so hot on Andre Woodson that they think if they ignore him completely nobody he might still be around by the time the third round comes.

This is just a theory and I pray to Papa Bear himself that there is absolutely no truth to it, but it is currently floating through my head right now, so if it by some chance happened you heard it hear first and Mel Kiper Jr. can bow down to me.