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Joe Flacco Is A Pipe Dream For The Bears

Be sure to get in on the 4th Annual WCG Mock Draft.  We still need participants.

Delaware QB Joe Flacco was so impressive at his Pro Day work out that one AFC scout says he will go in the first round.  But wait it gets better.

There are some saying teams have him ranked above Matt Ryan.  Matt Ryan on some mocks is projected as the overall #1 pick, yet Flacco is higher?

I predicted Flacco would go in the first just due to people trying to get him before Chicago or even Miami, but now for the Bears to get him they might have to use the #14 on him.  Unreal!

So now I have to pose the question, is he worth it to you?  Would you take  him over Clady/Baker/Otah/Williams or Rashard Mendenhall?

What's more if you are against Flacco at 14, what QB would you like the Bears to take?  Michigan QB Chad Henne would be the likely next target, but I know there are as many here that don't like him as there are those who do.  

Does this mean my Andre Woodson theory is going to bear fruit?